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Stone Drafting Services

Our drafting services are a powerful solution for your stone drafting bottleneck. Our team of expert drafters will get your projects submitted and approved in record time, while saving you money in the process.

Quantity Survey Take-offs

Quantity survey take-offs, often referred to simply as "take-offs," are a fundamental part of the cost estimation and budgeting process inconstruction and related industries.

They involve the detailed measurement and quantification of various materials, components, and labor requirements needed to complete a construction project.

The primary purpose of quantity survey take-offs is to determine the quantities and types of resources required for a project, enabling accurate cost estimation and project planning.

Shop Drawings

Shop drawing services are a vital component of the construction and manufacturing indursties, particularly in areas such as architecture, engineering, and construction.

Shop drawings are detailed, scaled drawings or diagrams that provide precise information about the fabrication, assembly, and installation of various building components and systems.

Shop drawing services are typically performed by specialized professionals like our drafting team, to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and accurately.

Fabrication Tickets

Fabrication tickets, also known as fabrication work orders or fabrication job orders, are documents used in manufacturing and production processes, particularly in industries like metalworking, machinging, and custom stone work.

These tickets serve as a set of instructions and specifications for the fabrication of special parts, components, or products.

They play a crucial role in guiding the fabrication process, tracking progress, and ensuring that the final products meet quality and design standards.

Our Clients Include:

Businesses that specialize in cutting, shaping, and finishing stone for construction and design purposes often require precise drafting services to create detailed plans and templates for their projects.

Architects and interior designers frequently use a natural stone in their projects for countertops, flooring, cladding, and other applications. They may need drafting services to create accurate drawings and specifications for stone installations.

Companies that supply and distribute stone materials to the construction and design industry may require drafting services to document inventory, track stone cuts, and assist with logistics.

General contractors and subcontractors working on projects that involve stone
components, such as stone masonry, facades, or decorative elements, may need drafting services for project planning and execution.

Businesses specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling often incorporate stone countertops and tiles. They may require drafting services for layout planning and installation details.

Businesses involved in creating monuments, headstones, and memorials may need drafting services for custom designs and engraving specifications.

Landscapers and hardscape contractors use stone for features like retaining walls, pathways, and garden accents. Drafting services can assist in planning and visualizing these projects.

Quarry operators may need drafting services for site planning, resource management, and
environmental compliance documentation.

Companies that restore and preserve historical stone structures often require drafting services to document existing conditions and plan restoration work.

Public projects involving stone elements, such as government buildings, parks, and historic site renovations, may need drafting services for project documentation and compliance.

Artisans and craftsmen who create custom stonework, sculptures, and artistic installations may rely on drafting services to bring their creative visions to life.

Developers of high-end residential or commercial properties may use stone extensively in their projects and require drafting services for design and construction documentation.